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Charlotte Guy

Charlotte Guy

My experience:
I went into my degree wanting to be a special ed teacher and quickly learnt to love all my disability topics in my course. I then moved into becoming a Developmental Educator. I really enjoy the 1:1 relationship you build with your clients. Being able to make positive changes in someone’s live is really rewarding!

Areas of expertise/interest:

I am a all-rounder:

  • Social skills development with a focus on developing skills on anxiety, mindfulness, and self-esteem.
  • Emotional Regulation.
  • Daily Living skills such as cooking skills and household tasks.
  • Assisting with Schedules and routine.
  • Supporting Staff working with participants
  • Behaviour Support Plans & Training and development of Staff.

 The most rewarding part of my role is...
Making small changes in their (the participant) lives. There is no better feeling when a client has learnt a skill through the strategies you have implemented.


10 July 2024


Behaviour Support Practitioner