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Georgia West

Georgia West

My experience:
I have just graduated from university last year (2023) with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and am just starting off my career within the disability sector. I have undergone volunteering and work experience in the aged care and disability sector throughout my university years.

What inspires me to what I do:
I have always been excited to make a difference by promoting people's well-being and improving their overall quality of life. I enjoy interacting with people and building relationships to support them through challenges.

Areas of expertise/interest:
Austism Spectrum Disorder
Mental Health
Intellectual Disability
Developmental psychology

The most rewarding part of my role is...
Making a real difference, not only in the participant's life, but the family and others around them. I feel privileged to be working with so many health care professionals who all provide different perspectives and experiences, whilst sharing the same goal of providing the best possible outcomes for participants.


09 July 2024


Behaviour Support Practitioner