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James Hodges

James Hodges

What inspired me to do what I do…
I have always been interested in understanding how to assist those who have learning and behavioural difficulties. I enjoy developing strategies that promotes independence and improves the quality of life for an individual.

Areas of expertise/interest:

  • Preventative & response strategy development
  • Undertaking assessments to determine an individual’s motivation for behaviour
  • Preparing individualised plans for clients and assessing their progress
  • Communicating with clients and their families to determine their support needs
  • Building rapport with clients so that they feel confident in contacting me for additional support.

The most rewarding part of my role is…
The appreciation you receive from clients, families, and their support network when the supports we offer have a positive impact on their life. Seeing an improvement in our client’s wellbeing and level of functioning.


22 June 2022


Behaviour Support Practitioner