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Ian Pearce

Ian Pearce

My experience / what inspired me to do what I do:
My career in both Psychology and Disability began as an undergraduate in the 1970’s when my research brought me into the lives of a number of adults living with an intellectual disability whose lives were about not being able to have a say and not being included. Add to that, people living with an intellectual disability who also present us with challenging behaviours are among our society’s most vulnerable individuals.

Areas of expertise/interest:

  • Working with people living with developmental disability, neurodiversity and acquired brain injury and having them continue to teach me about their lived experience
  • Supporting people who are in the criminal justice system either as offenders or victims or both
  • Supporting people also living with mental illness in conjunction with their disability
  • Understanding the impact of chronic physical and mental illness on the lives of people with disabilities 
  • Teaching and supporting other professionals to take a holistic and person-centred approach.

The most rewarding parts of my role are…

  • When the focus of working with an individual living with disability moves to highlighting and celebrating his/her strengths and achievements.  
  • When an individual living with disability makes a positive gain – sometimes this is a big step like moving out or getting a job, sometimes this is a tiny step like the first time he/she asks for something without having to resort to using a challenging behaviour.  Every gain is hard won and well worth celebrating.

What I do in my spare time: 
I like spending time with family and friends, travel and have at times ventured into sailing and scuba diving.  


22 June 2022