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Joe Gannon

Joe Gannon

My experience:
I started my career in community services in youth work and residential disability care with the government 32 years ago. After disappearing into the academic scene for a few years, where I studied and then lectured in psychology at the University of South Australia, I restarted my career back in the service sector in family therapy, health, and residential care. I then turned my attention towards management and sector leadership in the field of housing and homelessness where I remained for some 15 years. More recently (2 years ago) I commenced in my role within the disability sector with Access4u.

What inspires me to do what I do:
I love working within a role where you experience task diversity and problem solving. The NDIS is still a relatively new beast and as such, it is constantly adapting and changing. Ensuring that services are in alignment, with a system which is fluid to say the least, presents opportunities for responding creatively, both in strategic and operational terms, to ensure service continuity and quality. The challenge is to ensure that the services you are providing are truly meeting the needs of those who receive them.

The most rewarding part of my role is…
Working within a flourishing, customer focused environment, which aims to provide the best services it can, is as good as it gets. In particular, I have always worked within the services sector because there is nothing more rewarding than working with a sense of purpose. Working within the disability sector holds significant rewards in terms of delivering services to those people who need it most.

A fun fact about me:
When not at work I like to keep things simple. Cooking or eating out are both equally enjoyable. Gardening can be somewhat fulfilling but you have to be in the mood. My favourite thing to do however, is to read. I love fiction and nonfiction both equally and have an eclectic choice in authors, subjects, and genres.



01 December 2022


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