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What Makes a Good Disability Mentor?

What Makes a Good Disability Mentor?

Here at Access4u, we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we support. As a value driven organisation, our admiration for the people we work with, the people we work for and their right to choose and their inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

To achieve this, we need great people on our team. People who share our vision of providing access to quality supports that enable vulnerable people to achieve their goals.

You don’t necessarily need qualifications to become a Mentor at Access4u. We hire people from all backgrounds and walks of life, because we believe this makes our organisation better.

So, what makes a good Mentor?

You are empathetic and care for the people around you. A passion for helping others is key to being a good Support Worker.

You respect each person with a disability, even if they have features or exhibit behaviour that is different from your own. Support Workers need to respect their customers as equals, and work to support their independence and choices.

You like to work in a variety of different environments and can think well on your feet. No days in this industry are the same—you will be working with different customers and may be assisting them with a variety of things. This may include transporting them to and from appointments, exploring new hobbies and places in the community, helping them to complete household tasks, and more.

You stay calm in complex and challenging situations and environments. It’s also important to be patient—some customers may get anxious or take longer to complete tasks, and it is important to be calm and encouraging in these situations.

You are keen to grow and learn as the role evolves. You may want to take on more complex customers, or you may want to learn more and evolve as a Support Worker by completing a Certificate III. A big part of being a Mentor and working in the disability sector is growing your skillset and learning more as you go along.

You can communicate well, listen intently, and respond appropriately to the customer. Never assume a customers’ wants and needs—it is important to get to know each individual customer and listen to them.

You are reliable and punctual, and are committed to the customer. A good Mentor needs to be reliable as their services are depended on by customers.

If you want to apply to be a Mentor at Access4u, click here.


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