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The Difference Between Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination

The Difference Between Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination

Here at Access4u, we are a registered NDIS provider that offers two levels of Support Coordination: Coordination of Supports (or Support Coordination) and Specialist Support Coordination.

Both roles operate in a similar way, but there are some key differences. All Support Coordinators are here to help. They are here to guide and support you throughout your NDIS journey, helping you get the best out of your supports and supporting you to achieve your goals.

However, a Support Coordinator and Specialist Support Coordinator look after different NDIS categories of support.

Firstly, let’s explore Support Coordination. Coordination of Supports: Support Coordination is a “lower level” of Support Coordination compared to Specialist Support Coordination. At Access4u, our trained Support Coordinators can help with a range of things, including:

  • understanding and navigating your NDIS plan, including your budget
  • addressing any barriers you come across in regards to your plan or your supports
  • providing assistance to connect you with supports and services you need to achieve your goals
  • using the MyGov website and your portal
  • preparing for your plan review.

Specialist Support Coordination, on the other hand, is a highest level of Support Coordination. It is for people whose situations are more complex.  A Specialist Support Coordinator will assist you to manage challenges in your support environment and ensure consistent delivery of service.

Specialist Support Coordination is delivered by a trained Specialist Support Coordinator. These individuals should be appropriately qualified and have the adequate experience to deliver an expert approach to address a participant’s complex support needs.

People that may be funded for Specialist Support Coordination include those:

  • from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • that identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • who display behaviours of concerns (also known as challenging behaviours)
  • that have complex medical needs or require mental health support
  • with no informal supports to help them (e.g. friends or family)
  • at risk of becoming homeless, or are involved in the justice system.

A NDIS participant may be funded for both Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination in their NDIS plan.

To find out more about Access4u’s Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination services, click here.

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