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Press Release: Leading NDIS Service Provider Tackles Disability Group Home Crisis

Press Release: Leading NDIS Service Provider Tackles Disability Group Home Crisis

South Australian based disability support organisation, Access4u, is changing the traditional approach to home and living option solutions for the thousands of South Australians with disability currently seeking supported accommodation.

Access4u is leading the way in calling for the phasing out of the traditional disability group homes model in favour of a more personalised and tailored approach to home and living options based on a person’s needs, wants and goals.

Access4u CEO Cathy Miller said that the recent rise in reports of serious incidents in traditional disability group homes over the past four years was a sign that change is required.

“The rise in incidents is a timely and confronting reminder that a new, innovative approach is what is needed. We understand that there are certain restraints around funding, but we need to think outside the box and move beyond simply filling housing vacancies without going through a tailored process that puts the person at the forefront”, Ms. Miller said.

“At Access4u, we have identified the need to move away from the traditional model by working directly with individuals, families, and other service providers to empower individuals with living options that are tailored to them. We all deserve choices, and where we choose to live is one of the most crucial in shaping our lives.

“Some individuals want to live with friends, some want to live alone, some want to live closer to work or be near their families—the person at the centre should really guide the process.”

For Miller, it’s this more personalised process that has resulted in Access4u being able to support many South Australians in their home living journey.

“We are committed to undertaking a significant exploration phase to ensure that the best services and solutions are being provided. While the process of transitioning into appropriate housing can take time and is complex, we have seen first-hand the positive impact on individuals and their families”, she said.

“For instance, one of our young customers who recently moved out of his family home is a brilliant artist. His house has a dedicated art studio, so he can focus on his passions. He lives with two housemates whom he gets along well with. They play sport together, and come together a couple times a week for a shared dinner. He’s one of many success stories.”

According to Miller, the role of a support provider is far more than personal care and that the demand for innovative home living options is firmly on the rise.

“For change to truly occur we must collaborate as an industry and lead with the individual. Appropriate housing solutions are not ‘one-size-fits-all’, that approach is detrimental to the individual and indeed the future of independent living”.

For further information on Access4u home and living options please visit this link.

Access4u is a not-for-profit organisation that helps guide you through the NDIS to ensure the most optimal and effective outcomes for your ongoing objectives. From your coordinator to your mentor, Access4u works towards your personal goals whilst increasing independence and adding value to every life we support.

We make a difference by providing personalised care to every individual and their aspirations. Through working with a diverse group of service providers we can ensure support for you in a timely, innovative, and flexible way. View our NDIS supports here.