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Meet our Customers: Kurt & Jenny

Meet our Customers: Kurt & Jenny

Meet Kurt!

As of 2022, Kurt has been with Access4u for nearly 2 years, since he decided he wanted to move out of home.

Kurt is a confident artist who is regularly creating new fantastic works of art in his room and uploading it to his own Instagram page. 

When he isn't in the art room, Kurt is focused on living a healthy lifestyle and makes sure to regularly eat well and exercise. From regular long walks to shooting hoops at basketball, Kurt is very driven to stay healthy and fit.


Image: Kurt and his friend at their basketball game.

To maintain his health off the court, Kurt has started his own veggie garden in his backyard. Kurt even gave us a sneak peak into his private garden of assorted vegetables and herbs as they came into season!


Image: Kurt and his greenhouse.

Meet Jenny!

Jenny joined Access4u in 2021. Jenny is non-verbal and has difficulty walking but loves to swim! Jenny was referred to Access4u in search of new activities outside the house.

Through understanding Jenny's passions and motivations, the team at Access4u were able to set up hydrotherapy sessions with a Mentor that specifically suited her needs.

Jenny now regularly swims with her Mentor, who writes a weekly progress report for her team and family to be updated on.

Jenny’s Mentor has described herself 'getting tingles' in response to Jenny's big grin as soon as she enters the water. After many sessions Jenny now only requires minimal support as she looks to only further increase her independence in the pool. Well done, Jenny!


 Image: Jenny and her instructor in the pool. 

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