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Meet Our Customers, Jason and Michelle

Meet our customers, Jason and Michelle - you can read more about their stories in our latest Impact Report.

Meet Jason

Jason is an Adelaide Hills local who has been with Access4u for just over six months. He loves socialising, meeting new people and being in the great outdoors.

One of Jason’s goals was to find employment in the retail sector. He said he wanted to feel like he had a purpose and to feel more confident.

So, the Access4u team supported Jason to access services that would assist him to build capacity and independence, and provided him with the best opportunities to achieve this goal. In addition to this, the supports Access4u has provided Jason have helped him become open to new things and implementing positive changes into his life.

Now, Jason works with the Red Cross in Mount Barker. He has also reduced his need for paid supports. We are extremely proud of Jason and the growth we’ve seen in him in just a relatively short period of time.

These images are of Jason being so proud and happy to show off his new interview and work gear to our team. His new job will allow him to improve his confidence and independence even more!

Jason P Work Photo 3


Meet Michelle

Michelle has been supported by Access4u since May 2021. Michelle has been working closely with her Mentor, Jacqui, and her Support Coordinators during this time.

Michelle loves getting out and about in the community. She loves spending time with her little Schnauzer dog, Shaz. Michelle enjoys attending Dog Shows, and has a lot of knowledge in what makes a ‘trophy dog’. She has also been involved in dog obedience, and proudly shows how well trained Shaz is.

Michelle also loves music, especially Guns & Roses. With the support and guidance of her Mentor, Jacqui took her passion of music and singing to the next level and recently joined Tutti Choir. She attends Monday and Wednesday evenings. She absolutely loves attending and looks forward to her choir sessions each week.

Michelle enjoys day tripping and would one day love to join a group bus day trip. Victor Harbor, Port Adelaide and the Barossa Valley are a few of her favourite places to visit.

Michelle loves pottering in her garden, and has many helpful tips on plants that she passes onto her Mentor, Jacqui. She particularly has a green thumb when it comes to growing roses and hibiscus.


michelle3 3


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