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Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds Across South Australia

Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds Across South Australia

Are you looking for a playground that caters to a range of abilities and is wheelchair accessible? There are several inclusive and accessible playgrounds across Adelaide and South Australia.

Inclusive play is important for a child’s development. It helps children to build confidence, develop important social and communication skills, and learn how to care for others and the environment. It can also help develop physical, cognitive and emotional skills and increases their overall health and happiness.

Certain elements make playgrounds more inclusive and accessible than others. Some elements that make playgrounds inclusive include:

  • Even surfaces – ensuring there are no trip hazards or steps up to the play area.
  • Easy navigation – it’s important that there is a wide path and the ground is made up of consistent material.
  • Accessible entries – If there is a gate at the entrance, this should be able to be opened by an adult in a wheelchair or with limited mobility.
  • Play equipment – the play equipment must have entry and exit points, have accessible surfaces, and interactive elements much be at a reachable height.
  • Secure boundaries – the entire play space should be within a secure boundary enclosure.
  • Accessible location – accessible facilities should be nearby.

Here are some playgrounds that tick most of the boxes (we hope to add more to this list as South Australia moves to more inclusive playgrounds!)

Hendrie Street Reserve Inclusive Playground

Located in Marison, this inclusive playground has several accessible elements aimed for all ages and abilities, including:

  • an expression swing
  • a slippery dip that can be accessed via a ramp
  • an inclusive carousel
  • and a multi-station with a ramp.

There are also several sensory activities to enjoy, as the playground features a sandpit and several nature elements, including the “logs”, “rocky river” and “stacking stones.” The reserve also features large grassed areas, and a basket court which is across from Marion Outdoor Pool.

Much of the equipment can be accessed via ramps for wheelchair use. The City of Marion has also taken into consideration children who may have vision and hearing impairments and spectrum disorders.

There are inclusive toilets near by with disabled access and also disabled parking available.

To find out more about the play area, click here.

Allenby Gardens Reserve Accessible Playground

According to Play and Go, who recently reviewed this playground, there’s something for all ages and abilities here and plenty of opportunities to develop physical and social skills.

Features of this playground include:

  • a wheelchair accessible carousel
  • an accessible basketball swing
  • an accessible play net
  • a “boxie climber”
  • a wheelchair accessible fairy themed play system.

This play area is perfect for kids who love all things pirates and fairy tales, as the main play area consists of a pirate ship complete with slide and rope, and a climbing area which is connected to a castle tower.

The reserve itself has also lots of space for the bigger kids to play with a grassed area.

Please note this play area has accessible toilets nearby, but is not fully fenced off. There are also free BBQ facilities on site, and lots of street parking available.

For more information on the Allenby Gardens Reserve Accessible playground, click here.

Paddocks Adventure Playground

This is a new playground in Para Hills West that provides equipment for all ages and abilities. Nestled amongst the greenery of nature, the play area features the following:

  • Several wheelchair accessible sections, with a ramp leading up to a small tower, and a boardwalk over a creek.
  • A water play area and a sandpit.
  • A wheelchair accessible “smooth glider” to sit on and rock back and forth.
  • Basket swings, a seated flying fox, and springy platforms.

Please note this playground is currently not fenced off and does not have public bathrooms close by. This should be upgraded soon.

For more information, click here.

Kids in Adelaide

Jubilee Playground in Noarlunga

Jubilee Wooden Adventure Playground in Port Noarlunga is also a great spot for those of all ages and abilities. This is one of the biggest playgrounds in Adelaide, so there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained.

Fun elements in this playground include:

  • musical bells
  • several swings
  • plenty of cool structures, including a rocket, a ship and a fire pole
  • tunnels and balance boards.

Most of the playground is wheelchair accessible, with the exception of some areas that have bark chips. There is also a toilet with disabled access nearby and free BBQ facilities.

Plus, there’s lots of green space to do plenty more activities and chill out!

Have any more recommendations on inclusive playgrounds in South Australia? Let us know! Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your top picks.

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