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Access4u Launches Day Options Program, Options4u

Access4u is excited to announce the launch of the brand-new Day Options Program, Options4u, which will be held at Kilkenny Community Centre.

This is an innovative program designed to provide our customers with a wide variety of activities dedicated to their interests and NDIS goals. The aim of these programs is to enhance participants' quality of life, promote socialisation, and increase personal development.



As all our classes will be held at the Kilkenny Community Centre, this space prioritises safety, comfort, accessibility and meets the needs of individuals with varying abilities.

All classes will be run and assisted by experienced Mentors. Support from Mentors will range from 1:1 up to 1:5, depending on the needs of the individual. Mentors for each class are specifically chosen based on their strengths and interests.

All our programs and classes have been designed in association with a qualified teacher, who has developed the curriculum and program structure with input from experienced Developmental Educators. The programs have also been coordinated with Access4u Senior Management, who have decades of experience in the disability sector.

Our Program includes:

Art in Action: Unleash your inner artist! Express yourself through a number of creative outlets such as jewellery making, photography, knitting, various craft activities and painting (and much more!).

Life Skills: This class focuses on learning skills important for everyday life, such as budgeting, developing and maintaining good relationships with others, expressing gratitude, maintaining personal hygiene, and safety.

Cooking Creations: Cook up a storm with us! Practice shopping, preparing, cooking and serving a wide variety of cuisines. We’ll be cooking up healthy meals using fresh produce – yum!

From the Garden: Become a green thumb! In this class, we’ll focus on growing our own veggies, as well as learning how to grow and maintain a garden across a variety of community gardens.

Wellbeing Wednesdays: Let’s get active! In this program, we’ll be doing fun activities to keep up our fitness and improve our wellbeing. Activities will include bike riding, yoga, and various sports games – to name a few!

Outdoor Excursion: Explore the outdoors. Come and try fishing, hiking, and more outdoor activities with us.

Cyber Skills: Learn to use the internet, play games with others in the class, work on your creative writing… the opportunities are endless with our technology classes.

Community Explorers (*Additional costs may occur): Go on local excursions around Adelaide and experience new and exciting things! This includes trips to the Adelaide Zoo, the museum and more.

The Workshop: Build objects using multiple resources and materials such as timber and wood. Depending on your interests, this may involve short or longer-term projects.

Free Choice Friday: Each Friday afternoon, we’ll be hosting a special “free choice session” for participants to socialise and enjoy movies, sing-a-longs, board games, quizzes and bingo!

Interested? Learn more about our Day Options schedule or submit an expression of interest via our Day Options Page.


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