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Access4u Home and Living Options

Access4u Home and Living Options

Being able to choose where you live, who you live with and what supports you may need in your own home is a big part of living as independently as possible.

We provide multiple NDIS solutions to support you, whether you are moving out of home for the first time, or you're further down the track of your housing journey.


We work directly with individuals, families, and other service providers to empower you with tailored living options. We all deserve choices, and where we choose to live is one of the most crucial in shaping our lives.

We are committed to undertaking a significant exploration phase to ensure that the best services and solutions are being provided to you. The process of transitioning into appropriate housing can take time and is complex, but we have seen first-hand the positive impact this has on individuals and their families.

Access4u is committed to never simply “filling housing vacancies”. Each person is different, and we will prioritize finding you a home that suits you and puts your support needs at the forefront – whether that involves purchasing a home for you to live with a friend, living close to your family or your workplace, or anything in between.

One of our most recent success stories in the Home and Living Options space involved three females, who all had personal goals to transition out of home for the very first time. They had previously discussed their goals with several NDIS providers to no avail. Access4u worked with these three customers individually, through an extensive exploration phase. This involved developing a multidisciplinary team and doing several functional capacity assessments, to ensure all three were ready and equipped to move out of home.

The three customers–who were previously unknown to one another–met a number of times through meet and greet sessions, day trips and short-term accommodation stays, to get to know one another and to explore whether living together would be suitable. Their families were also heavily involved throughout the process.

After an 8-month process, they have now moved into a house that suits their needs. We are happy to report that they love their home and have a great dynamic, and we will continue to support these customers as they progress along their journey.

Are you interested in learning more about Access4u Home and Living Options? Talk to us today to discuss your options or visit our Home and Living Options page.

Access4u is a not-for-profit organisation that helps guide you through the NDIS to ensure the most optimal and effective outcomes for your ongoing objectives. From your coordinator to your mentor, Access4u works towards your personal goals whilst increasing independence and adding value to every life we support.

We make a difference by providing personalised care to every individual and their aspirations. Through working with a diverse group of service providers we can ensure support for you in a timely, innovative, and flexible way. View our NDIS supports here.