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Who is Sprinkles?

I am a Cavoodle, I am 3 years old, and I am proud to say I have completed my Public Access Test to become a qualified assistance Dog. I am sensitive, supportive and very in tune to peoples’ emotional needs. When I am in my sessions, I support customers who display behaviours, some who have anxiety and or depression and other Mental Health. My customers all love my work and look forward to my sessions and connecting with me. I love food, cuddles and my family Miriam Martin, Alyssa, Mahayla and Lachlan.

What is an assistance dog?

Assistance Dog is a generic term for a guide, hearing, or service dog specifically trained to perform identifiable physical tasks and behaviours to assist a person with a disability in order to aid in quality of life and/or independence. Assistance dogs are covered under many legislative access laws for public access rights when working with their handler. Service dogs are trained to assist people who have various disabilities to manage personal and other tasks. The popular term for these dogs in Australia is assistance dogs.


28 July 2023


Assistance Dog