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Jane Govey

Jane Govey

My experience:
I grew up with both my Nanna and Mum working in disability as teachers and advocates, so I have grown up with family being passionate about everyone, regardless of disability, achieving their best. I moved from an international corporate career about 4 years ago into working directly in disability, initially hands on as a support worker and then moving into coordination. During this time, I have studied several short courses and started my social work degree, however am transferring that to a Disability Degree as I feel this will be better support me to deliver services to clients.

What inspires me to do what I do:
My Nanna was an amazing lady who was recognised for services to disability (Order of Australia), she was a tireless advocate for all, regardless of their disability. She believed that everyone could achieve something and set about helping them to achieve that goal. During my transition from a corporate career to disability, she continued to encourage me even when the industry did not recognise my skill set. It is through her constant belief in me and her desire to see my drive and passion used in an industry that needs passionate skilled people. I thrive on helping people to achieve their best and helping them to achieve this.

The most rewarding part of my role is…
Seeing clients achieve what they never thought possible, helping them to achieve this through accessing the best services possible for them and supporting them and their families during the process. Watching someone grow and discover new skills and putting them into action is incredibly rewarding, knowing that the little part that I play helps them and their families.

A fun fact about me:
In a previous life I used to be a white-collar boxer, however as age and injuries have got in the way I now stick to pilates and horse riding as my means of staying fit.


15 November 2022


Support Coordinator