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Caroline Jellie

Caroline Jellie

My experience:
I have had the privilege of working within the disability and mental health sector over the past 8 years. I have worked in lots of varying roles including NDIS , Mission Australia, Gallagher Bassat and Regional Manager with Workskil DES employment provider. I have lots of knowledge and experience with NDIS plans and the technicalities involved in the NDIS process. I am very passionate about equal opportunity and service accessibility for all Australians and tailor my approach to each individual and their needs.

What inspires me to do what I do:
I have an absolute passion for working along side a person while they achieve their goals in life . I work whole-heartedly with genuine care and compassion and pride myself on communication, trust and determination. I enjoy listening to people's stories, and helping them to discover and harness their strengths to build capacity, resilience and hope. It is a privilege to walk alongside participants for part of their life journeys and witnessing them overcome adversity to grow and thrive.

The most rewarding part of my role is….
My role is based on the foundation of supporting my wonderful team and our participants. I focus on achievement of their goals in a meaningful way that empowers them. I work with a person-centred approach, using knowledge and compassion to empower people to see and do what's possible. Working in partnership to cater to individual needs, wants and preferences, to find the best possible solutions to ensure individual goals are met, and plans are utilised for the best outcome.

A fun fact about me:
I love a good laugh and know that some days just a smile can brighten up someone's day.



15 November 2022


Regional Leader